Cream Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Set
Cream Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Set
Cream Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Set
Cream Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Set

Cream Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Set

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Introducing Fayéna’s luxury 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and eye masks. Made with three things kept in mind, the health of your hair, skin, and the environment. If breakage, balding, receding hairline, dry hair, damaged curl pattern, dry & unhealthy skin, sound familiar or look familiar then this is the product for you. Wearing a hijab all day can cause a lot of damage to your hair health, especially if it's made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester, rayon, or acrylic. Your hair needs a break and its health replenished. Our 100% mulberry silk pillowcases do just that and more!



100% Mulberry Silk

22 momme

Grade 6A

Environmental Factor

Mulberry silk is made from the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth. The moth begins laying its eggs. Once the eggs are hatched the silkworms then are fed mulberry leaves, after a month they release their weight and have built enough energy to spin their cocoon. Once the cocoons are spun they’re boiled in water. The silk filaments unbound from the cocoon and are carefully wound onto a reel. Filaments from several cocoons are wound together to create a single thread of raw silk. The silk is then taken into a process of degumming where it is washed with soap and boiling water. The silk is then twisted to produce the strands of silk yarn. Silk fabric is woven from silk yarns using looms in the final process which is made using different weaving techniques to achieve different results. The silk is then taken to our manufacture where it is ethically turned into our one-of-a-kind pillowcases and eye masks.

Our manufacture uses no harsh chemicals or dyes to create our mulberry pillowcases. Specializing in natural textile production for more than 10 years being, OEKO-TEX certified, SGS certified, ISO 9001 certified, and Sedex certification which one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organization, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains used to help businesses operate responsibly and sustainably, protect workers and source ethically.

Pillow Case Care & Details

  • Wash by hand on cold water; machine wash on cold delicate cycle is also acceptable
  • Always put in load separately
  • Wash in mesh laundry bags using a gentle detergent
  • Dry cleaning is not recommended or necessary
  • Line dry under-cap but keep away from sunlight.
  • Use gentle detergent; Avoid acidic or alkaline detergent. Use detergent with neutral pH
  • Avoid using bleach, fabric softener, or any type of optical brightener
  • Don’t wring or twist under-cap
  • Iron sparingly on the coolest setting
  • Store in a breathable bag, away from sunlight


x1 Silk Pillowcase (Standard Size) 20" x 26"

Silk Eye Mask (9.0cm)



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