Mulberry Silk Production

What the Mulberry Lined Undercap does for your hair 

Say goodbye to frizzy hair, tangles and receding hair line. Our silk simply allows your hair to glide over with no friction which allows your hair to be smooth and lustrous after use. Our mulberry undercap also keeps hair completely hydrated, which helps with very brittle hair. This choice is amazing for people who suffer from dry strands or a flaky scalp. 





 Mulberry silk is made from the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth. The moth begins laying its eggs, after about 500 eggs the moth dies. The eggs are kept at 65-degree Fahrenheit and slowly raised to 75-degree Fahrenheit to hatch. Once the eggs are hatched the silkworms then are fed mulberry leaves, after a month they release their weight and have built enough energy to spin their cocoon. Once the cocoons are spun they’re boiled in water. The silk filaments unbound from the cocoon and are carefully wound onto a reel. Filaments from several cocoons are wound together to create a single thread of raw silk. The silk is then taken into a process of degumming where it is washed with soap and boiling water. The silk is then twisted to produce the strands of silk yarn. Silk fabric is woven from silk yarns using looms in the final process which is made using different weaving techniques to achieve different results. The silk is then taken to our manufacture where it is turned into our one of a kind undercaps, pillowcases, and eye masks.



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What does the Mulberry Pillowcase do for your hair & skin

Mulberry silk does not absorb moisture from your skin which allows it to stay hydrated. This is an especially great choice for those who have dry skin. These silk fibers are also inherently temperature regulating so the moisture keeps you cool and dry all night. Our silk is also anti-aging, decreasing wrinkles and improves appearance of skins hydration, which makes you look more youthful.
Dr. Neal Schultz, New York City based dermatologist states, “ Mulberry Silk pillowcases can improve skin and hair hydration, prevents fine lines and wrinkles which results in a smoother, frizz-free hair every morning.”