Our Mission

“And do no mischief on the earth after it has been set in order: that will be best for you, if ye have Faith” (Surat Al A’raf, ‘the Heights’, verse 85)

Who We Are 

 Fayéna is a team of two ambitious women who set out to solve the problems of sustainability and ethics presented in our community. As Muslims we strive to create a better world everyday by doing better. Before coming into this industry we realized that although Muslim women are being catered to slowly, sustainability is never really in the picture. No one should need to compromise harming our world to shop for modesty and hijabs, as ironic as it sounds. In our small growing team of two we listen to complaints within our Muslim women community, source the fabric, design, produce, and sell. All work put into our items guarantee value and in the long run, an investment for all our customers. Investing in the future of our planet is something everyone should hold to high importance. Without people like us and people like you, there will be no world. Fayéna promises to put out to the world a beneficial impact in every product, every donation, and every idea.  Consumption is destroying our earth and harming people, all of us as a community should take a stand to positively impact the world in a way that pleases our creator and future generations to come. Our brand does not just want to produce and sell, we want to leave a lasting impact in the world. For people to be more educated on where their money is going and to be aware on what happening in our toxicated world of fast fashion today. We want to create a community where sustainability and ethical practices should be a need and educate Muslim women to be conscious buyers.

Our Goal

Our goal within Fayéna is to cater ethically and sustainably made hijabs to Muslim women globally with the highest of qualities while not having to compromise toxic materials. Fayéna creates innovative long-lasting designs reducing the consumption of fast fashion and encouraging buyers to be more conscious about what they choose to buy, wear and reducing their carbon footprint. Influencing and educating on the social and economic damages of fast fashion and the corruption of our earth due to mass production is our main priority at Fayéna. We believe that producing in an ethical and sustainable way is very needed and necessary within our community because it is detrimental to our world and a priority for us all especially as Muslims. We bring value to the table when it comes to durable, long lasting hijabs. Value will always be in the top criteria for everything we put out, because our customers deserve nothing-less. 

Our Path

Inspiring women to become conscious buyers and evoking the questions of where their clothing comes from, how its made, and who’s making it is the pavement of our path at Fayéna, changing the way people view the fashion industry, especially as Muslims, is our first step to changing the damage corporations have put out in the world. We take our customers through a transparent journey within our brand, from how every things made, what goes on behind the scenes to what inspires us to take the stance we do and hopefully inspire you too. Although this is the path we chose at Fayéna we don't want to continue this long journey alone, we can all make an impact as big or as small as it may be, we can all make a change for our only world. Together we can create a better, healthier community where we all choose to better our planet in a way we preserve our creators creation.