Portion of Kindness Campaign

What is POK?
While Fayéna aims to provide and cater to women's needs with the highest quality hijabs to make you feel empowered, it's also our duty to make an impact in other peoples lives. One of the most important things we wanted to incorporate with this brand is a quarterly donation to different campaigns every three months.  This campaign is beyond a piece of fabric that you're purchasing, rather a portion of kindness. Knowing that your money is going to make a differnce in someone elses life brings more value to what you're purchasing.  
How does POK work?
Fayéna is beyond proud to announce that we will run a quarterly campaign, every three months, to donate towards different causes. This campaign is called Portion of Kindness. At the end of each quarter month a portion of all  sales made that month will be contributed  towards a trusted organization to support an existing cause.  Simply by purchasing your favorite hijab on that quarter month you are contributing to donating a portion of your purchase directly towards a valuable cause. With your help, Fayéna will build an amazing foundation to strive to make a difference in peoples lives around the world. 
Month of December 2020: Yemen 

Donating to Yemen Aid 
"Yemen Aid is one of the few organizations that is 100% dedicated to providing aid to the Yemeni people and putting an end to the current humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Dealing with the current challenges Yemen and it's people face requires problem-solvers who are willing to take risks. Yemen Aid emerged out of a pursuit to aid and support the Yemeni people, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. Established in 2016 (AH 1438) by passionate young professional Yemeni-Americans, we’re an organization driven by immediate impact, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. "
Month of March 2021: Palestine



Donating to Islamic Relief USA Organization

About the organization:

"Communities in Gaza are suffering even more from supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19. Islamic Relief is working alongside community partners to ensure that families have necessities to be able to survive this winter.  By implementing programs such as emergency food projects, water system development, and livelihood training for vulnerable women, IRUSA helps the Palestinian people to progress."


Month of June 2021: Palestine Emergency Relief

Palestine Emergency Appeal | Islamic Relief Worldwide

About the organization:

Islamic Relief’s 2021 Emergency Response

"With hundreds of Palestinians wounded in Jerusalem, your donations can help save lives. Islamic Relief is providing medical supplies to support Makassed hospital so that it has the resources it needs to treat people in dire need for medical aid, including those who were harmed during the May 2021 escalation in violence.

In Gaza, Islamic Relief is providing its partner hospitals, clinics, and facilities with essential medicines and medical supplies.  The response will be a combination of immediate needs provision and longer-term care for those maimed and wounded. Partners will locally procure medicines and medical supplies that will fulfill some of the needs.

Islamic Relief works with partners who have been working on the ground in Palestine for over half a century which makes it easy to respond rapidly to emergency humanitarian situations."