This is the best hijab in the market. I wasn't sure at first if id like it or not but since it's sustainable I thought I would try it out and I honestly can't go back to my synthetic material hijabs ever again. The breathability is superior and it's helped with my hair issues like odor, frizz, and breakage.


I’m so happy that a hijab brand decided to come out with an under cap that wouldn’t ruin our hair while wearing it. This is such a comfortable under cap and the silk and modal material makes it feel so lightweight on the head! I also really appreciate the adjustable straps on the back so it’s accessible to everyone!


Absolutely in love with the quality and size of this hijab! Im impressed! The color selections are stunning as well! Also love the team working behind this brand. They were quite helpful and absolutely understanding when I had an inconvenience with an order, which was my fault to begin with. I have never had such a great communication with any sort of customer service before! They definitely take good care of their customers. Absolutely pleased. Will definitely be returning for more hijabs from this brand! :)




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