Fayèna - ethical and sustainable brand

Fayèna - ethical and sustainable brand

Fayèna believes in sustainable products that will benefit people and importantly our planet. With the best quality hijab's you are guaranteed to receive packaging that is eco-friendly and doesn't harm the earth. We care so much about the environment, hence our Nature Elements Collection that is dedicated to nature. At Fayèna we want to encourage everyone to start caring for our environment and adjust to a sustainable lifestyle that will improve the quality of life. With a sustainable brand we want to ensure that with our packaging is recycled material which reduces the waste of natural resources. Our brand aims to minimize the negative impact businesses/the world have on the environment. 


How to dispose of our packaging

You receive your hijabs in a nicely packaged box that is been packaged with love for you specially. The box can be recycled for proper disposal at your nearest recycling center. The hijabs come in a high quality clear plastic zipper bags that are eco-friendly. The best part about these bags is that they can be reused for anything you need. They are perfect for traveling as you can stuff your favorite hijabs in one bag!

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