Ramadan Preparation

Ramadan Preparation

Ramadan is around the corner! Here are some ways to prepare for the holy month.

Educate Yourself

Read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos to broaden your knowledge. Also decide which books to read for Ramadan. (Holy Quran, Tafsir, and a good Hadith both are a must.)

Remind Others

Educate the young ones about the importance of preparing for Ramadan and remind the older ones about its true purpose. 

Seek Repentance 

Ask Allah to forgive your sins so that you start with a clean slate before Ramadan. 

Make a List of Duas 

Make a list of all the duas that come to your mind beforehand so you don't forget any during Ramadan.

Set Achievable Goals

Plan early and set do-able tasks for Ramadan

Save Money for Charity

Spending money on charity in Ramadan brings a lot of reward so start saving now!


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