Summer Hijab Tips for Muslim Women

Summer Hijab Tips for Muslim Women

The biggest struggle Muslim women face during the summer season is the heat while wearing the hijab. Depending on where you live it might be worse and with all the stares you may face questioning "are you too hot in that?" well with just few tips that will help you beat the summer heat. 

While you do not want to compromise your modesty during the summer it can be a bit challenging, with just 5 easy tips you can implement to help ease the summer heat. 


1. Wear natural fibers

Switching to natural fibers will make a huge impact because it'll  allow air to circulate & move freely through the fabric, which makes heat more bearable. It's like a built-in air-conditioner for your body! Wearing natural fibers like linen, cotton, and especially sustainable hijabs will have you feeling free all summer long.

2. Avoid tight clothes

You want to stick to lose and flowly clothing and nothing skin tight which will make you sweat and leave you sticky. Tight clothes in the summer can be the reason you get overheated because of the lack of air circulation. Not to forget the sweat patches that will ruin your look. 

3. Avoid layering 

Wearing extra layers of clothing will not only restrict air circulation but will have you feeling uncomfortable. You may want to stick to flowy maxi dresses and skirts rather than having to layer on top of your clothes. 

4. Avoid synthetic fibers

During this season we are prone to sweating a lot more than usual, and we know that synthetic fibers trap in sweat and bacteria to your body which will have you feeling trapped. Polyester is a sweaty person's nightmare in summer and we should avoid it at all cost. If you wear polyester hijabs in the summer as well you are not allowing your hair to breathe nor your skin because synthetic fibers are prone to traping in all bacteria and sweat leaving you with acne and skin issues. 

5. Wear Light colors

Darker colors tend to attract and absorb heat. Try to opt for lighter shades for your hijab such as pink, purple, blue etc. Our new Jersey Edit collection include amazing summer hues from pinks to blues that'll have you looking beautiful with sustainable breathable hijabs that you cannot find else where. 



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